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Kinds of Contentions in a Philosophical Essay

Unlike other essays when writing a philosophical essay the essay writer doesn’t have the end in mind, the essay grows through its content and its exploration. The depth of each philosophical topic and the combinations of different sources consulted make each essay unique and different from each other.

Being assigned a philosophical essay topic means you will work on an existing philosophical theory or argument, instead of presenting your own ideas. 

There are many variants in the pre-writing methods that students employ. They arrive at one they find most useful by their experience and in accordance with the quality output of the essay. You should too probe into various techniques before finding the methods that suit you. So instead of going for others and asking: “can you write my essay,” you can change and rework your prewriting regime and work towards writing your own essay.

Start Early

Time management is an important part of acing an essay. Without a proper plan to allocate your time for each essay part, you will always feel you have come short in your essay. 

You should start the research ahead of time and get acquainted with the topic at hand. Unlike literature reviews, you are expected to come up with information that you can work with, not just how the information came to be. However, it is insightful to know the prevalent schools of thought on your subjects, something that you can use in your essay.

Structuring the Philosophy Essay

In most philosophical assignments, you will be given a topic or a question. This will be an established theory or a particular philosophical stance, as one is hardly asked to present original theories in philosophical essays. The question or topic will provide you with a thesis in form of the philosophical theory or claim that will have you: defend its arguments, attack its shortcomings, look for comparisons with other theories, predict consequence for a philosophical scenario, and explain its various classes. Without the essay writing service, such essays that lacks ideas and evidence and uses the transitions to fake at a flow of logic when the writing is but an empty shell.

Each type of philosophical writing shall follow this structure format:


  • Hook: Try to introduce the topic by a statement or an observation that will capture the readers’ attention, and entice them to read on.
  • Thesis Statement: State your thesis in the introduction without the tendency to delve into the historical background. Also, be specific and direct with your audience, and state it as early as possible.
  • Step in the readers’ shoes and explain the things that a reader might find vague or new in the thesis. 
  • Explain why the reader should be interested.
  • Thesis methodology: Tell your readers how you intend to take tackle the assignment, and in what way are you going to argue for your thesis.
  • Brief explanation: Give a brief explanation of the thesis or argument that you are going to work with.

Checking for signposts and transitioning.

SIgnposting and transitioning help the reader navigate through the essay. You should help the reader grasp the main claim of each paragraph foremost, while also giving them a thesis outline at the start to guide them through the whole college essay

The transition between different parts should be through the flow of understanding and logic of what should come next. Otherwise, transition words are also employed.

Ensuring proper writing style

The writing should be checked for:

  • Formality: The vocabulary should be enhanced and the wording shouldn’t sound colloquial. 
  • Objectivity: The writing should be devoid of your personal feelings and should also refrain from adding emotions to the arguments. 
  • Technicality: Each field has its own different and technical terms. The use of this technical language will be beneficial.

Create an Outline

With the ideas and information put on the paper in a rough format, it is now time for you to create your essay outline. You can use the brainstorming maps to look for relationships between parts or judge their centrality to answering the prompt. This information can then be used to structure the response for the college essay help: the main arguments or claims, the evidence, and the analysis. 

Only after the outline is complete will you move onto the actual writing.

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