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What is the best massage for a small face?

There are small face salons and small face estheticians, but do you have to ask a professional to make your face small? Actually, that's not true.

You can achieve a smaller face with self-massage.

Massaging improves the flow of lymph and facilitates the flow of wastes accumulated on the face, which is said to reduce swelling and make the face smaller.

Massage also promotes blood circulation, which has the added benefit of removing dullness and brightening the complexion.

Facial lifting massager is not only related to the face, but also to stiffness in the neck, shoulder blades, back, and shoulders, so relieving these stiffnesses will also lead to a smaller face.

Introducing Massage for a Smaller Face

There are many ways to massage your face to get a smaller face. If you do it on your own, you may end up doing it in the wrong way, so make sure you master the right way and practice it.

Here are some tips on how to do a small face massage.

Lymphatic massage

Lymphatic massage is one of the most effective ways to get a smaller face.

There are three major lymph nodes around the face: the parotid gland, the submandibular gland, and the clavicle, and by carefully massaging these areas, it is easier to reduce swelling.

First, rub the top and bottom of the clavicle from the tip of the shoulder to the center about 10 times.

After rubbing, slowly press the hollows of the clavicle from the shoulder tip to the center.

When you have finished massaging the clavicle, stimulate the parotid gland.

Hold your earlobe between your index and middle fingers and rub it up and down 10 times.

Then pull the earlobe up, down, and sideways and gently rotate it.

Do this about 10 times as well.

Once you have stimulated the parotid gland, you can relax the scalp.

Place your fingers on your temples and massage 10 times, then move towards your whiskers to loosen your scalp.

Lastly, rub the neck area.

Gently massage from under the ears to the collarbone, allowing the lymph to flow.

Pinpoint massage

Here is a pinpoint treatment for dark circles.

The skin under the eyes is thin, so dark circles are a concern.

When you are tired, dark circles are also more noticeable.

When you are worried about your dark circles, place the fingers of both hands on the entire area under your left and right eyes and press gently with the belly of your fingers.

After pressing 10 times, slowly press 10 times with the belly of your fingers only under the black eye.

Then gently rub under the eyes from the inner corner to the temples.

Next, use your index, middle, and ring fingers to gently press under your eyebrows to the outer corners of your eyes.

This massage can promote blood circulation around the eyes and is also recommended for reducing eye strain.

Tips to make your small face massage more effective

There are a few points to make your small face massage more effective.

Keep these points in mind and you will have a smaller face.

Warm up your hands and body

The more warm your hands and body are, the more effective the massage will be.

A good time to massage is when you are taking a bath or after taking a bath.

This is because the lymphatic system is more likely to flow smoothly when the blood circulation is good.

  • Avoid strong stimulation of the skin.
  • When massaging, do not rub the skin.

Friction on the skin can cause pigmentation, blemishes, and wrinkles.

Massaging in the opposite direction may also promote sagging.

Try to avoid strong stimulation.

The skin around the eyes is thin, so please be especially careful.

Using a facial device

If you use a facial device to massage your face, you can reduce friction and the risk of damaging your skin.

You should also check the functions of the device. For example, the EMS function is recommended for sagging and small faces.

If you choose a facial device that has an EMS function, you can get the same effect as a massage through electrical stimulation.