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Making work more satisfying 

I grew up in the days when work was not meant to be enjoyable. It was just what you had to do to earn a living. These days more people are wanting to feel like their work is as satisfying as possible. Managers who make work more rewarding for their team find they not only have happier staff who are more likely to stay, customers sense it is a good place to be, absenteeism is reduced, and productivity is increased.

There are many ways to make workplaces more satisfying.

Smart managers realise that people are all different and individuals have different needs. Some people have a very strong need to connect by talk to strangers video call – to touch base regularly with their co-workers and manager, for their feelings and ideas to be heard and responded to, and who work better in groups rather than being left alone. Conversely, the opposite is true for other staff – who feel trusted when they are left alone to do their work and who prefer to work independently. 


Effective managers treat their staff and their views with respect, actively seeking their opinions and ideas, implementing as much of their input as they can, not just going through the motions of consulting with them. They involve staff in some decision-making, giving them some control over how they do their work or implement any changes required.

Positive managers also provide meaningful recognition for their staff.

While many staff will say being paid well is good recognition for them, if it is not possible to increase their rate of pay, you might also ask what else helps them to feel motivated. While many staff appreciate genuine, positive feedback, others feel valued by being placed in positions of responsibility, whereas others feel trusted when they are left alone to do their work.


 Recent research has found that about 40% of people feel under-utilised in their workplace, and would feel more satisfied if they have opportunity for extra responsibilities. Other people would prefer to run a mile than take on extra work. The best way to find out what is motivating for team members is simply to ask them how you can best support and encourage them in their work. It is not a bad idea to let your own manager know the best way they can support and encourage you. 


People also have a need to have some fun at work. I am not just talking about parties and laughter here, but also being able to do more of those aspects of the work that you enjoy and less of those parts you do not. It may be an option to negotiate with your workplace or trade some duties with co-workers so you can do more of the work you find satisfying.


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