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Getting into skiing is a great idea at any age. Of course, it can be more difficult at an older age, but if you keep yourself in good physical shape, it will be easier to handle. Once you've decided that you want to learn how to ski, don't run to the store to buy a full sports outfit. In the early stages of travel you can even fit your standard winter down jacket and tight winter pants. And the rest of the equipment you can get in places to rent the skis themselves. When choosing the most important thing - pay attention to the right choice of ski boots and skis themselves. The more comfortable your choice, the more time you will be able to spend in the learning process. Even after you feel a little confidence on the skis and know the place where and how to ski, that's when you can choose your personal ski suit and skis. It should be tailored to your physical characteristics and tailored to the type of activity you like. It should also be appropriate for the weather conditions in your skiing areas. And of course, do not forget about your personal protective equipment. This can be not only helmet, goggles and kneepads, as well as wrist and back protection, shorts, saber shorts and more. In the early stages of these can also be rented at the ski areas, and then pick up what you need. Learning Learning a new sport can undoubtedly evoke a whole range of emotions, from frustration and fear to joy and euphoria. However, at all stages you need to remain cool and pay attention to safety and technique. Do not be trained by acquaintances or relatives, better instructed by professionals. In order to find a professional instructor, it is better to contact a specialized school of skiing, where the coaches have a license and certificate of instructor. The instructor has to teach you not only the technique of skiing, but also know how to provide first aid if necessary. He should also know the place where you will be skiing perfectly, to tell you the safest routes, how and where you can best stay on the ski slope to stay in one piece. Don't worry about taking some time to learn. Skiing is an extreme sport, which means your safety should come first. Master all the necessary techniques for skiing, braking, and proper falls. This will help you be prepared for different situations on the slope.