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A 3-Step Essay Prewriting Procedure

Your main goal as an essay writer is to present your best arguments, analyses, and ideas in the essay. You will find that it is difficult to come by when you don’t have a proper preplan to tackle the essay. Maybe out of overconfidence or the lack of time, you end up not giving much thought to the prewriting process and begin the essay with little to no preparation.

Information Sources

Once the topic is decided and its required and relevant information specified, its time to check out the sources to come up with useful answers. There are two types of sources that you will deal with:

Primary Sources: This source of information is related to the material that was produced during the time period of your subject. These can be news articles, books, journals, letters, statistics, film, and music. This tendency can be suitably drilled by routinely coming to write essay for me.

Secondary sources: These are the sources of information, that came after the time period of the topic. Such information type is the work of scholars analyzing and interpreting from the data from the primary sources. 

Overstyled rhetoric

While persuading your reader or posing an argument emphasizing points and ideas is a common rhetoric technique. However, overdoing it can cause you to lose the reader. An example of such style is the use of coordinating conjunctions to start a sentence, to emphasize the contrast or the similarity of ideas. Your main ideas will be ignored and put under bad light if you overuse such a style. The most perceptibly horrendous day of my life For a satire write my essay, it must be an amusing statement.

Another confusing rhetoric is mixed reasoning: inductive at one point and deductive at another. If you are going from general to the specific in one paragraph, you should stick to that format. Using an inductive(specific to general) in the same space can confuse the reader.

Have a versatile sentence structure. 

The thing you are to avoid here is the monotony of structure. Imagine a paragraph, let alone the whole essay, made up of a string of simple sentences. The reader has no reason to be excited by your brilliant ideas or incisive arguments if they are contained in boring prose.

Reading through the work

You should first and foremost read through your work from start to finish, without focusing on the details. By doing this you will have a blueprint of the main parts of the custom college essays. You should get the idea about the parts of the argument, where the introduction has happened, where you have furthered the argument leading it to the conclusion. 


Upon a second read, you should notice any loopholes in the arguments or the repetitions. You should also make note of where the writing is ambiguous and where it digresses from the main argument. 


Also, make note if the arguments and the parts of the essay deviate from answering the essay prompt.


The conclusion will review and give a summary of the main claims. It will tell the reader why the main thesis argument prevails in light of the evidence. The conclusion will close on a final word by essay typer, which might add how the argument could have been further strengthened.

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