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10 Reasons to Dump Your Winter Cuddle Buddy

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Spring has sprung, the sunshine is finally here and many of us are coming to the realization that the cuddle buddy we kept around over the winter just isn’t going to cut it anymore.  Sure, the guy is great and you’ve been together a few months now, but you know in your gut that he just isn’t long term relationship material and you’re thinking of letting him go.

“Ooh but the comfort of being in a relationship makes it difficult to fathom being alone again!” I hear you. I have personally stayed in relationships that weren’t going anywhere far too long, simply to hold onto that comfort. However, I can assure you that being single isn’t actually as scary as it seems, and being alone certainly does not mean being lonely.

If you’re sensing that twang of discomfort with your current relationship status, and you think it may be time to cut ties with your other, here are some help from Ale Wise and datich coach from Loveawake dating site with his 10 very good reasons to do so:

Dump That Winter Cuddle Buddy

​1. Reduced Shaving

It’s still spring time, which means we’ve got a little while before the short-shorts and bathing suits require us to start shaving every day. However, if you’re in a relationship you probably have someone rubbing up on you frequently (I’m talking legs here ladies…), which requires regular maintenance. I don’t know about you but I am way too lazy to shave every day. Even in the summer I go a few days – not like anyone’s looking that closely anyway. Single ladies have much more liberation when it comes to shaving – if you let the stubble grow out a few days, no one’s complaining.

​2. ​Eat it All

Remember when you would order a pizza and your cuddle buddy would pretty much eat the whole thing? Jerk. Well, when you’re single you don’t have to worry about anyone hogging all the goods. Spring means Cadbury flurries, water ice and ice cream – and it’s all yours!

​3.​ Bonus Invites

The sun comes out and suddenly the city is full of excitement. Seasonal monthly events skyrocket and all of a sudden weekends are full of fun things to do. Not only are there way more events going on, but if someone has an extra ticket to one of those events you know they are going to invite you! You are the token single friend there to save the day.

​4.​ Vacation Where You Want

Spring is the perfect time to get away somewhere. The sun is out, but it’s just teasing you because it’s still pretty chilly outside (depending where you live… if it’s warm where you live there I highly envy you). Anyway, this means that spring is the perfect time to jet off somewhere warm!  Since you aren’t in a relationship you can even go to…. You know it…. Vegas. Free drinks are oh so much more delightful when they are worth $30.

​5.​ No Bum Dunking

Remember those cold nights during the winter where you would get up in the middle of the night to pee, only to realize that he left the seat up again? Dunk! That’s one cold, wet bum. Well bum-dunking no more! Now that you’re single you know that seat is always down.

​6.​ Jealousy Be Gone

Spring means warm weather. Warm weather means scantily clad ladies strutting their stuff in front of your man. I, myself do tend to get jealous – especially because I like to think that I date men that are attractive and therefore attract attention. Jealousy is the worst feeling because you KNOW you shouldn’t be feeling that way but you can’t help it! It’s an innate urge to protect those we care about, even if it means a cat fight on the street corner. Okay, so I’ve never gone that far, but being single means you don’t have to worry about the possibility things like this possibly happening after a few too many martinis.

​7.​ Embrace the First Date Flutters

You and your cuddle buddy are probably pretty close by now (especially given the label of “cuddle buddy”), which means those feelings of lust and excitement are likely fading. Being single means you get to experience that nervousness and excitement that only a first date can bring! Mix it up a little – date a buff gym rat, then a studious intellectual. He may not be mister right, but he sure will be fun for a little while.

​8.​ Own Your Own Movie Corn

For some reason men seem to think it is romantic to purchase a large bag of popcorn to share with you at the movies. I am really not sure why – it isn’t romantic! It’s annoying. Especially because this lady likes to eat, and constantly having to shove his huge man hands out of the way to get another scoop of popcorn never comes off very lady-like. He has an unfair advantage with those sizeable palms of his. When I’m single, I don’t need to worry about ninja-ing my way into the bag, I can have my very own personal popcorn (extra-large).

​9.​ Getting Re-Acquainted with the F Word

By F word of course I mean flirting! After being in a relationship your flirting skills are probably a bit rusty (unless you flirted while you were in a relationship in which case, I may have an idea why you’re single now). Flirting is SO awkward when you have no idea what you’re doing. When you get the hang of it though, it’s a blast! All it takes is practice. So get out there you single saucy devil and get your flirt on.

​10. ​Get Where You Need to Be

For some reason getting where you need to be seems to take much longer when there are two of you. Especially if you live with the other person and only have one bathroom (did someone say elbow stabbing fight over the sink?). Even choosing where you want to go can cause so much frustration that you’re not sure if you’re prematurely going bald due to genetics or the aggressive tearing at your roots as he replies to “where should we go” with another “I dunno… where do you want to go?”. When you’re single, you just send a mass group text to your girls, someone picks a place, you’re ready and out the door! Ah, freedom.