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Compose Solid Essays with these Accentuation

Without the punctuation in our writing, the text would sound nothing like normal speech. Punctuation helps to recreate in the text the same pause, the change of tone, and the emphasis on words and phrases. It also helps in delivering punchlines, adding the suspense of narration, as well as portraying various dialogue styles. 

Wrong use or missing punctuation in essay writer can leave a bad mark on the essay— robbing it of its flow, clarity, and sentence variety. It can also take away the relationships between sentences too. 

Below are the various punctuations that you should use in your writing.

Get an overview of the topic

At the start, you should try to get a general picture of the topic, especially, if you are unfamiliar with the topic. This will give you the general information that you require to carry on with the research and find its salient points as well as the arguments. Here are some things that you should do:

  • Use an online encyclopedia to gather the overall information about the topic: history, general information, opposing views, current research, etc. It will also provide you with a bibliography to launch your research. 
  • Use specific encyclopedias that are made for each discipline.
  • Read through introductory texts that are found online, these can be handouts, summaries, video clips, and beginner guides. 
  • Use dictionaries for specific and important terms regarding your topic. These dictionaries will help you throughout the research process as well.
  • Make good use of references in the articles.


Sense of Possibility

To end the essay with a possibility of more things, hinting at a larger meaning or implication. This type of closure ends the essay without ending the discussion. 

If you are working on a literary work then it is possible to quote from the material that might amplify your main thesis, poking at a new perspective. You can also take the words of critics and many analysts to give your final thought or the thesis a spin and shoot out new possibilities. 

You can also conclude by putting the context and the aim of the thesis into a larger set. This shows the reader that the essay is just one of many parts of an ultimate argument. It evokes a sense of academic exploration.

A final word or a call for action from the essaywriter can explicitly point at the wider aspects of the topic under discussion and how one needs to continue the discussion forward. 


Ron slipping past the living, bolted towards the door to open it.

“Hey, young man,” the startled postman let out retreating his hand away from the doorbell, ”almost made me drop this parcel.” 

“Sorry…” the boy of six caught his breath to continue, “Sorry, Mister Postman Sir, didn’t know you were outside.”

“So many honorifics!” the postman tipped his hat as a gesture.

“I can take the parcel from you, Mister,“ Ron said squinting under the summer sun.

“Oh, but an elder should-”

Ron interrupting him said: “They are all in the backyard, I will sprint it right to them.

“I love to carry parcels, Mister. Last week I was with my Mum and Dad at the mall and they let me-”

Now the postman interrupted the boy before being held back by a mall story. “You know what, you are old enough to carry it,” he said glancing at the pending letters and parcels sitting on his bike.

“Will do sir,” Ron beamed at him while the Postman patted the boy’s bronze head and off he went.

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